Cards for Analyzing and Reflecting on Doomed Software
The image for the card with the name Architecture Decision Record
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In software systems that have been under development for a long time, it becomes challenging to understand decisions made in the past. Therefore it is essential to document decisions and their motives understandably.

With the help of Architecture Decisions Records (ADRs), it is possible to document decisions in light and consistent ways. In addition, the motivation for a decision, the thought processes that led to the decision, and the context (time, knowledge, participants, …) are recorded, too.

With this template, you could practice structuring your decisions according to the ideas of the ADRs:

  • Title: What decision is at stake?
  • Status: What is the status of the ADR? List rejected or obsolete ADRs!
  • Context: Why decide now? What were the circumstances?
  • Decision: What was the decision and what were the alternatives?
  • Consequences: With which advantages and disadvantages do we want to live from now on?

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