Cards for Analyzing and Reflecting on Doomed Software
The image for the card with the name Businessability
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Everybody has experienced it: You are allowed to start a new project and are spoiled of choices when it comes to the selection of technologies to be used. As a engineer, of course, one prefers to take the latest programming language or the latest and hottest framework, but is it economically even justifiable? Often there is hardly any support for new technology, few specialists exists and ocassionally the wheel also has to be reinvented. All this costs money – in the worst case, a lot of money. In order for you to understand the economic factor of a technology decision, this card will help you to answer the most important questions.

To do this, compare two technologies that you would choose for your project. Then decide for each question which of the two meets the requirements better.You can use a rating system that suits you, for example, a scale from 1-5. At the end, sum up the individual score per technology and compare the results. You may be surprised that perhaps it is not the new super technology that has “won” but something older and more established.

You can now use the result of this evaluation for further project planning and architectural documentation. The evaluation also helps you to be able to support your decision to the project manager, who pays less attention to technology but all the more to the economic efficiency of a solution.

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