Cards for Analyzing and Reflecting on Doomed Software
The image for the card with the name How to learn X?
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None of us can do everything, but surely each of us can do something especially well. Sharing this special knowledge helps you to make your team even better and reduce knowledge islands.

So, what is your special subject of expertise? Write the topic down on a card and think about which five guides, books, blogs, or other resources you would recommend to others to get started. Sort them, starting with the most basic resource, and write them on the card as well.

Afterwards you can discuss your results. Maybe someone else choose the same topic as well and nobody was aware of it? Awesome! You’re the only expert in a subject? Why don’t you give a talk about it?

If you do this with your team, this will result in a greater distribution of knowledge. Ideally, collect the filled cards in a location that is accessible to everyone in the team. This allows everyone to access the learning resources and expand their knowledge at any time.

  • Markus Harrer lists some of his personal TOP 5’s on his blog.