Cards for Analyzing and Reflecting on Doomed Software
The image for the card with the name Investment sanity checker
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Investments reveal a lot about the status of a software project. Often you as an architect have to deal with technical matters (important) in contrast to the product matters (urgent).

Support/Bugfixing – errors are often easier to fix the sooner they are identified in the software development cycle. Hotspots for errors are good candidates for refactoring. Ideally, you should get a value below 10% here – very likely, the value will be greater.

Technical improvements – by reducing the technical debts of your system, you improve the quality of the software and at the same time reduce the costs for bug fixing as well as development times of new features.
The recommendation is about 10-15%.

New features – the development of new features brings business value, so you should invest the most here. At least 50% or more of your development time should be spent on this to create new value.

Architectural work – Only through continuous work on the architecture can you keep the software alive and enable addressing new future trends and requirements. The recommendation is about 15-20% in larger projects.

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