Cards for Analyzing and Reflecting on Doomed Software
The image for the card with the name The waste case scenario
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In many cases, one does not think about what led to the often fatal outcome until after the end of a project. In agile projects, retrospectives can help identify risks for a project at an early stage, but these are often limited to the past few weeks’ events.

In both cases, we could happily work our way through until we get a hard cut in the form of a project termination – which we can’t even explain to ourselves at that point.

But why does it have to come to this point? Think about what could cause your product to hit the wall in the near future. Do this for different time horizons to avoid being trapped in the here and now. Then use this knowledge to define and implement suitable countermeasures.

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  • A similar approach are pre-mortems, which help you to find weak spots in your way of developing a software system